Window Cleaner

We are proud to be a small family owned and operated business. Hard work and determination are the core of who we are, but more than that we succeed because we care about people. It's what makes us so focused on providing the best customer experience possible. From the first time you call us, to scheduling and completing a service for you and even following up afterwards to make sure everything went exactly as you hoped it would, we always put our customers first. At the end of the day a service business is about building trust through good relationships and strong clear communication, and that is an area in which we excel.

Latest Technology

We use the latest in window cleaning technology. We have invested in ourselves and our business so we can bring the best possible service to you, our customer. We use water fed pole technology fed by a pure water system. Our system uses RO (reverse osmosis) to purify your water, taking all impurities out of the water so our water fed pole, that can reach up to 3 stories, can be safely be used from the ground to clean your windows and frames. The pure water will dry spotless on your windows completely streak free.

Safety is a priority

Safety is paramount on any job site. It's one of the biggest benefits to using the water fed pole technology we just spoke of above. Safety is always a part of how we take on any project. For our safety and your peace of mind we also have leg levelers attached to our ladders so no matter what the slope of the ground or the stairs we have to clean from the ladder will always be level and secure. And of course we are fully insured, as should be required of any service company you consider to have work on your home.